Liquidity Capital Group

LLC Managing Members

Liquidity Capital Group is passive investor in LLC’s  purchased from Chapter 7 Trustees.  LCG is only interested in purchasing the economic interest  and generally does not seek or desire to become a member. LCG does expect to receive the economic benefits of the Membership Interest, including any and all distributions of cash or property.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What is Liquidity Capital Groups Federal Tax Id Number ?

EIN # 45-5592023

2) Where do I mail payments and tax information ?

Liquidity Capital Group

Attention: Accounting

PO Box 260377

Encino, Ca. 91426

3) Does Liquidity Capital Group reimburse the partnership for expenses incurred in the assignment of the economic interest”

  • LCG will reimburse the LLC for reasonable expenses incurred to facilitate the transfer of the Interest.

4) Does Liquidity Capital intend to resell the acquired interest?

  • LCG purchases all assets with the expectation of holding for the long term. LCG will on occasion sell the acquired interests back to the LP or LLC on terms are acceptable to LCG.